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"Reputation is a Capital Asset and should be treated accordingly."

The Family Wealth Alliance Security Council Interview
with Michelle Jordan, Principal and Founder, Jordan LLC

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What is reputation management and why has it become so important?

Reputation management is a relatively new term.  It  came into being in part as a result of the new availability of information that once may have remained private, but  today is readily accessible - and legally as part of the public domain.

Reputation matters because it is a Capital Asset, our human capital. It is how others view us and determines who will sit at our table, personallly and professionally. That means we have to think more ... more

Acute Threats
Disaster Planning and Private Families

An Interview with Catherine Hooper, Founder, Black Umbrella

Are private families more or less at risk from disasters?

The best survival tool is not a fixed blade knife or a fire making kit.  It’s a prepared mind.

The core purpose of Black Umbrella is to make people, families, and communities more resilient.  Our company values serve as the keystone of all of our recruitment and training efforts: confidence over fear, protection, and meticulousness.  We believe that confidence in the face of the unexpected is a natural result of having made a plan in advance. Our brains work differently in a crisis.

Yes, of ... more

Acute Threats
Foreign Cyber Thieves Stalk U.S. Family Offices

by Mary Rowland

Incidences of security breaches through cyber theft are on the rise. The Alliance Security Council has learned that unscrupulous groups are now targeting America’s wealthiest halls – their private family offices.

These offices are set-up to handle all their affairs, from investments, taxes, private foundations and bill-pay, to strategic planning and facilitating their family meetings. Lessons learned and what private families can do to defend themselves against such threats are highlighted in this special ... more

Acute Threats
Concierge Medicine: Brave New World of Health Care

Maintaining good health should be everyone’s top priority, but do we fully understand the health care options available
to us? Our ability to access and utilize health care resources -- and make the right decisions when it comes to
determining a plan of care -- can mean the difference between good health and ... more

Acute Threats
Preparing for Dodd-Frank

Harris myCFO® | Legislative Update, April 2011

While the actual enforcement date is still up in the air, it does appear that new regulations may affect Family Offices.  Are you at ... more

Acute Threats
Tips for General Travel Safety

Traveling can provide some of the greatest experiences of your life; however it can also be pretty scary if general travel safety is not followed. Before traveling everyone involved in the trip should review safety suggestions and mentally prepare themselves for different situations as well as prepare for emergencies that might crop up. The following tips will help you prepare yourself before you begin traveling and save time in case an emergency occurs.

Safety Tip #1
Photos: Always pack recent photos of everyone on the trip in case of kidnapping or disappearance. This way you ... more

Acute Threats
SEMA 2008: Knight XV armored SUV lets you take your underground lair with you

Although the need to drive a $500,000, 10,000 lb., Gurkha military vehicle inspired armored tank may be reserved for those needing the ultimate in protection and luxury, the Knight XV armored SUV by Canadian Conquest Vehicles is a ride designed and built for true on and off-road protection.  The fact that it runs on E85, making it somewhat environmentally conscious probably won't play any role in the decision to commission one of these vehicles.  Check out some great photos and specs for this ultimate urban assault vehicle.

Review and Press ... more

Acute Threats
Travel Safety Checklist

When traveling take special precautions to protect you and your ... more

Acute Threats
Passport to Safe Travels: Practical Advice for Affluent Travelers

Charles and Nancy stepped off the airplane and onto the tarmac at the small airport in Central America—again. Their favorite vacation getaway, they ended up buying a cottage there and spending extended long weekends once every two to three months. They were well-known as the rich American couple who lived near the beach about 15 miles from the small air ... more

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