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Credentialing Integrity

Hillard Heintze

The Fine Art of Ensuring That Your Credentialing Strategy Isn't Compromised Through Counterfeiting, Theft, Alteration or Unauthorized Issuance
During the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics Games, a mentally ill man with a homemade security pass - and a fixation - was able to get within a few feet of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.  Two female plainclothes Canadian Mounties protecting Biden decided that they felt the man "just didn't fit in."
So they intercepted him.  Within moments, they determined that his credentials were invalid - either faked or forged - and began escorting him back up the aisle.  At ... more

Combatting Cyber Security Risks: The Cyber Wellness Check

Risk Control Strategies, Inc.

The United States Government has identified cyber security as one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation, but one that we as a government or as a country are not adequately prepared to counter.  As our government struggles to develop meaningful legislation and protection guidlines, the majority of business and personal networks continue to operate from a perspective of operational effectiveness.  While these networks may run efficiently, and seamlessly connect tablets, smartphones and computers 24/7, they may not be properly secured.

"I think we're safe, but I'm not sure"

Before you (the ... more

Corporate Jets: The Security Rationale

Thomas Kazsa, Hillard Heintze

When the chief executive from the top three U.S. automakers flew private corporate jets to Washington in late 2008 to request bailout money from Congress, they ran into some turbulence.  From a security perspective, however, they did the right thing.

Put politics aside.  And the national media frenzy that ensued.  In a quiet but very important way, this much-hyped event raised an issue that's enormously relevant right ... more

A Primer on Assessing the Potential For Violence

Thomas Kazsa, Hillard Heintze

"Behavioral Threat Assessment: the Most Critical and the Least Understood"

When violence shatters the routine of a workplace, especially when it results in grievous injury or loss of life, it's both painful and instructive to look back at the early signs of trouble.

Almost without fail, you will find a circle of hidden insights. Discrete pieces of information held by colleagues, family and strangers alike are revealed that would have provided the single best opportunity to head off catastrophe had they been shared and analyzed in a timely manner.

This sensitive and highly nuanced information collection and analysis, however, is ... more

Safe & Sound

Rothstein Kass

How Single-Family Offices Are Addressing Family Security

More and more single-family offices are adding security services to their range of offerings.  This trend is expected to continue as both security challenges and security concerns among the ultra-wealthy ... more

Prevention - and the Family's Trusted Security Advisor

Thomas Kazsa, Hillard Heintze

“Many affluent individuals and families address security only when a threat materializes. That’s a flawed strategy – at several different levels.”

As affluent individuals and their Family Office advisors update their approach to security from a reactive posture to a strategic, prevention-oriented stance, many begin to change their approach to engaging independent security expertise in support of the needs and requirements of various family members.  Three scenarios are ... more

"Reputation is a Capital Asset and should be treated accordingly."

The Family Wealth Alliance Security Council Interview
with Michelle Jordan, Principal and Founder, Jordan LLC

Visit her website here.
What is reputation management and why has it become so important?

Reputation management is a relatively new term.  It  came into being in part as a result of the new availability of information that once may have remained private, but  today is readily accessible - and legally as part of the public domain.

Reputation matters because it is a Capital Asset, our human capital. It is how others view us and determines who will sit at our table, personallly and professionally. That means we have to think more ... more

2012 Fall Forum Expert Security Panel (Video)

Implications of the Security Study
Dan Carlin of the WorldClinic, Robin Catlin of Independent Means, and Rick Flynn of Rothstein Kass discuss what it is their firms do in terms of protecting the health and wealth of their client ... more

Disaster Planning and Private Families

An Interview with Catherine Hooper, Founder, Black Umbrella

Are private families more or less at risk from disasters?

The best survival tool is not a fixed blade knife or a fire making kit.  It’s a prepared mind.

The core purpose of Black Umbrella is to make people, families, and communities more resilient.  Our company values serve as the keystone of all of our recruitment and training efforts: confidence over fear, protection, and meticulousness.  We believe that confidence in the face of the unexpected is a natural result of having made a plan in advance. Our brains work differently in a crisis.

Yes, of ... more

Fraud and Embezzlement: The Insider Risk

“Most Companies Don’t Get Serious About Fraud Prevention Until They Become Victim To It.   What About ... more

Security Council Expert Panel (Video)

Wealth industry professionals and the clients they serve need an increased awareness of increased level of risks and threats in the family wealth space.  The tools to mitigate those factors are not keeping pace with escalating vulnerabilities.  Too many clients’ lives are based on crisis response strategies rather than prevention-based policies and mechanisms to anticipate and prepare for risks, threats, and disasters.  No one is ... more

The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.

Established in 1994, Family Business Consulting Group® co-founders Craig E. Aronoff and John L. Ward had worked together on various projects and initiatives since 1975. Already leaders in the field, they co-authored a monthly column in Nation's Business magazine and had established a publishing firm, Business Owner Resources in 1989. The Family Business Advisor® and the Family Business Leadership Series were begun in ... more

The Conservation Center

Since 1983, we have offered an ever-widening array of conservation services. After beginning as a provider solely for paintings conservation, we have grown to include the conservation of works of art on paper, photography, textiles and murals. Most recently, we have added conservation services for furniture, frames and decorative ... more

Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management LLC

Everything to do with house, home and property is our domain.Our role is to offer immediate problem resolution soour clients are free to pursue the lifestyle they ... more


The Summitas solution offers for our family office and MFO clients, a private labeled and branded:

Digital Vault - Digital copies of any and all documents such as, statements, estate plans, and other vital information are always encrypted, shared and available at any time even through the iPad.
Secure Email  - Send encrypted messages to anyone - even through your Smartphone.
Social Networking - Keep the dialogue open yet confidential.

The use of our platform allows for greater efficiency, privacy as well as closer family ties that streamline and enhance decision-making.  Finally, Summitas takes your privacy, and the required security ... more

Risk Control Strategies, Inc.

Risk Control Strategies (RCS) is a premier consulting, investigation and crisis management firm specializing in threat management, risk assessments and security solutions for the affluent community and major corporations. Our business philosophy is based upon the belief that it is our responsibility to provide clients a thorough and high quality work product with timely ... more

PinnacleCare Private Health Advisory

PinnacleCare’s mission is to ensure that all Members realize their highest expectations for their health and wellness. PinnacleCare’s personalized approach to health care is a unique combination of exceptional medical resources, an unmatched range of services and outstanding care allowing Members efficient access to the finest health care experiences, expert guidance through the complex healthcare system by expert health advisors and assurance in leading the healthiest lives possible, at home and ... more

Jordan LLC

Jordan LLC was founded in 1998 by Michelle Jordan to assist CEOs, senior executives, and other leaders with their strategic communication needs. The firm specializes in issue and reputation management (enhancing, protecting, restoring) and crisis communication, including media and internet strategies. Representative clients include CEOs, Board directors, high net worth individuals; public companies, family-owned businesses, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and master planned ... more

Hub International Limited

Insurance, Risk Management and Wealth Management ... more

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